Coming This Spring. will launch in 2017. Our mission is to empower independent content creators and liberate information. We will do this on several fronts.

MediaRevolt for Creators: We will offer a comprehensive toolkit for independent content creators and broadcasters to help them compete with the corporate guys. We aim to supply research services, advertising solutions, audience building and marketing tools, and ways for individual content creators and broadcasters to collaborate on all of these efforts, while still doing their own thing however they see fit.

MediaRevolt Media: MediaRevolt will seek to serve up the best of progressive independent content creators via one umbrella through TV/Radio/Print/Web services. These will be our flagship services, serving both content creators and the public.

MediaRevolt’s OurSocial.Space: MediaRevolt will also tackle the control of information by corporations by offering alternatives to popular online services and social networks. Our solemn pledge is to always respect your privacy and never market or sell your information. All of the social network. None of the big brother.

MediaRevolt EDU: MediaRevolt will supply an online space for creators/artists/activists/etc to provide information, training and classes to each other to further Progressive causes, issues and to empower Progressive groups or budding content creators. We hope to see this space teach anyone how to start a show or publication, how to stage a direct action protest, how to run for office or so very much more.

Professional and Personal Networking: MediaRevolt hopes that through all of these efforts, we network people with talents together so that they can empower and support each other and push Progressive causes and issues forward and forefront. Our goal throughout each of these projects is to encourage individualism as well as solidarity at the same time. We provide the tools. You use them as you see fit. Together, all of us, we push forward.

Our Values:

  • Transparency In Government
  • Election Integrity
  • Freedom of Speech/Press/Religion
  • Fighting Corruption
  • Rights of the Individual Over Those Of Corporations
  • Access to Information
  • Journalistic Integrity
  • Social Justice
  • Aggressive Environmentalism
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Expanding Social Security
  • Free Public Universities
  • People Before Profit
  • Equal Rights for All Citizens
  • Fair Living Wage
  • Respectful Interactions
  • Privacy of the Citizenry
  • End the War on Drugs
  • Abolishing Prisons for Profit
  • Consumer Protection & Transparent Labeling
  • Free and Open Internet
  • and lots more

MediaRevolt is a lofty undertaking, building systems to challenge the corporate control of information, safe spaces for progressives to network and organize, and to amplify the voices of independent content creators.

We can’t do it alone.

Though we’ve lots of people volunteering, and Michael Salamone has funded development, we’ll need to raise at least $5,000 to insure operational costs for all of 2017.

If you’d chip in, even a dollar, we’d be grateful. You can do so HERE.

We promise to never spam you.