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2020-10-01T16:37:36-04:00 ·
October Grocery List and Meal Plan
(First shop my pantry)

4 Croissants
4 Biscuits
12 Canned mushrooms
1 Large bag Mozzarella and sharp shredded (4 uses)
2 bags each Chicken drumsticks (large & small drumstick)
4 bags mixed veggies for stir-fries and stew
1 bag Pearl onions
6 cream of chicken cans

October Meal Plan Ideas

8 Ani's Choice (twice a week)
2 Leftover per week (clean out the fridge)
1 Eat out
4 Pizza (deep dish, thin crust, calzone, stromboli)
King Author Deep Dish Pizza Crust from Pinterest
Thin Crust. The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion pg.247
Karrie Truman Pizza Crust in Seriously Good Freezer Meals pg. 332
2 New Items
Honey Lime Chicken from Seriously Good Freezer Meals by Karrie Truman
Pg. 143
Savory Crackers French Taste by Laura Caloder pg 45
Halloween Ghoulish Goulash Rachel R...
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2020-09-30T16:07:46-04:00 ·
The Madness Continues By the end of this video, you will understand the title. Apparently, Congress and Senate are going to give us another stimulus payment of $1,200 again before the election. Okay, how is that supposed to help those who are already homeless? Those who have already lost everything from their job to their home are supposed to be grateful they can stay another month under the freeway. Don’t get me wrong, should I receive the $1,200, I will be glad. It’ll make Thanksgiving and Christmas a little bit easier. And as I said the last time, that will be $1,200 not being spent on bombs to kill innocent people across the world.

That brings me to Black Friday 2020. Wal-Mart is going to close on Thanksgiving and reopen Friday at six a.m.. They won’t be kicking off the shopping fre...
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2020-09-30T13:18:35-04:00 ·
Kroger shortages Yes. We went to Kroger today to pick up a few things and I decided to get clips. I am glad I did. There are some people who aren’t aware there is a shortage. Here’s what to look for; limit on items on the shelf or there is facing down so you can’t see behind the first few items. This way people who are rushing through the store won’t even look twice. They are too busy trying to go day to day. Then you have the three part-time jobs they work.

There was a new item: Peri-Peri Sauce. This is a simmering sauce for curries I believe. We don’t really care for Indian cuisine so I passed on it. Just wanted to share the information. Kroger had a great deal on seasonings so I stocked up and so did everyone else apparently because the dry rubs were gone. At least the more affordab...
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2020-09-29T07:49:43-04:00 ·
Preparedness Recap

Can you believe there are only two days left to this month? It blows me away at how quick this year is passing by. Today we are going to review the preparedness steps I have shared along with sharing the Preparedness videos that have been done every day from folks with more experience and knowledge then I have shared.

Week 1: We looked at building a binder that would contain all your critical information in one spot.

Week 2: Pantry Staples. Know what your family eats and only buy those items. When you can buy a couple of extra things and put them back for later. We have a multi-cultural pantry. My daughter is part Mexican and there are things she has grown up eating that we keep on hand. Rice and Beans with chicken.

Week 3: SHTF library. Having a variety of books for lo...
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2020-09-27T16:45:06-04:00 ·
Food Shortages and How England is Managing It
Shortages are limited choices. Famines are nothing available.
Tomorrow we start getting Antonia’s stuff for her to do virtual school. So let’s talk about the Pandemic EBSNAP relief funds right quick. Donald Trump has actually done something that will actually help the average family. He renewed the Family First Act which gave families with SNAP/EBT cards extra funds. That is going to help the 34 million people with kids who are now out of work with no possibility of returning to that job ever again.

With all the chaos I came across an article on the Amish canning tradition. Yeah! We have been hearing nothing but negative articles about the Amish. Now here is an article about their tradition on canning and how they pass the knowledge on for fre...
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2020-09-22T11:15:35-04:00 ·
SHTF Supplies
Kerosene Lanterns

These come in many different forms. Traditional forms and newer ones without the need to store kerosene in them. Merely soak the wick and install. The idea situation for setting these up would be outside. I am going to leave you a link to Tessie from Mobile Home Living at youtube. She is absolutely wonderful.

The above image is a copy of the ones I have. As usual, you can get these from Amazon along with wicks, and the kerosene.

Homestead Tessie Survival Mobile Home Living
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2020-09-18T09:04:55-04:00 ·
Online School Drama Here is an update on the online school drama. Antonia has been excepted into an online school. Good! Now we have to figure out a system where she can do her work and in peace. Meaning very little barking from Sarge and no interruptions from the cat. As you will see here that isn't easy. Toward the of the video, she jumped up on the coffee table where I was recording. So yeah, that is going to take some doing.

I will be updating on my blog at the following address:
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2020-09-17T15:30:17-04:00 ·
Turkey Meatloaf This meatloaf is from the turkey we prepped last week. There was one egg, half-cup bread crumbs (doesn’t have to be anything fancy), and salt/pepper.

Tuesday I finally made a meatloaf from that prepping session a week ago.
What I added:
Tbsp of taco seasoning (whatever you have)
½ c ketchup
½ tsp of mustard
¼ tsp of taco seasoning
Mix the tablespoon of taco seasoning into the meat. Place in a pan for cooking. I used a cast iron pan because I love the crust meatloaf gets from it. Mix topping together and add salt/pepper if you (and your family) like. Bake at 350 for 50 minutes. Add cheese in the last five minutes if you and your family desire.
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2020-09-16T13:57:41-04:00 ·
Grocery Run This wasn't the video I had planned for yesterday. Actually, I hadn't planned it till tomorrow. Life of a content creator right. Some of the aisles looked good. Some not so good. The Rubbermaid aisle looked worst than the day after Christmas sales.

The cleaning supplies were bare.
Grocery Run 1 Views
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2020-09-15T16:39:25-04:00 ·
SHTF and Homesteading Library Essential Books

These are just some books I recommend for your SHTF and Homesteading Library. Keep in mind these are books if you are going to get you had better do it NOW! I currently don’t have the ability to homestead.
*You don’t have to get the exact books I choose. But consider getting the subject matter.*

Homesteading Book
The one I choose is Back To Basics by Reader’s Digest. This book has everything you need to know to start rebuilding your life and possibly a homestead. From choosing land (you might want to do this now while you can) to butchering, gardening, and even recipes from across the nation. I don’t remember how much it cost but I do remember I got it from Amazon.

For this, I got The Official U.S. Army Survival Guide. Okay for those of...
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