MediaRevolt was born from the idea that big corporations should not have control or monopoly over information. Conversations with content creators, journalists, pundits, artists and activists about social media, corporate media and media in a functioning democracy shaped the building of our platform. We hope it is one that can be used to amplify independent voices.

It is our belief that the future of social media is tribal. As long as the internet remains free and open with open access to information, the large social media giants won't be as attractive to users as engaging in specialized communities will be. As the large social media companies continue to alter news feeds, misrepresent trending conversations and silence communities, people will seek out alternatives. As corporate control over news and information continues to push narrative over fact, people will want to engage with others who prefer honest, non-sponsored information. With your help, we seek to fill these needs.

MediaRevolt.org is a news, arts and activism cored social platform that allows for users to not only share what they've been sharing on traditional social sites, but to also broadcast, publish and promote their work without algorithms deciding what users are alowed to see, read, listen to or watch. On one of the big social media sites, a political post, for instance, may only reach 10% of your connected audience. On MediaRevolt, nothing is altering the feed, unless you choose to view your feed differently. Your voice is as important as anyone else's.

You can still post pictures of your pets or anything else you want too. Use the platform however you want. It's yours, to build your tribe, however you see fit, without interferance of corporate overlords.

However, we will highlight the work of some independent artists,activists, journalists, podcasters, pundits etc. We will engage with their work, with communities who may not have voice on other platforms, and explore possibilities for localized media relationships. We will try to network likeminded people to build teams and tribes to affect real change. MediaRevolt editors will amplify voices through our news sections and through outreach. We are especially interested in amplifying the voices of the citizen journalist and providing them with both audience and tools. 

We can't do it alone. For this thing to work we need people to use it, and invite their tribes to use it, so that we can grow in community together. There's no marketing money, so we're hoping for grassroots to help us grow.

Though our editors will take great strides to only post news and information from vetted and trusted independent voices, we'll have no control over user posted news and information. And that's a good thing, because we strive to keep the independence in independent media. Still, we hope that since we're a social network at our core, users will peer review each other's news and information and fact-check each other. Constructively. Not bullying. Be polite, and go forward in this community knowing that not everyone will share the same opinions, beliefs or tastes that you enjoy. 

We are volunteer run and will likely experiment with various ways to fund the project's growth. We will try to be completely transparent about those opportunities and what they will seed. We truly hope to grow in the ways we can promote and support independent voices, artists and activists.

Thanks for inquiring about MediaRevolt. This missive will likely change as we get our footing. We hope you'll join us on the journey.