Dominate Packaging Industry with Tray and Sleeve Boxes
Publisher: custompackaging
Date: 2020-10-23T04:07:28-04:00

Presentation of any products matters a lot nowadays. That is because there are a number of manufacturers for every single product. Due to this, the customers have a lot of options. If they are not attracted to your product, they will simply buy any other because the retailer’s shelves are filled with so many varieties. Whenever the customer sees any product at a retail shop, the first thing that they see is the packaging. Therefore, smart businessmen put a lot of effort in making their product holders captivating, attractive and different from others. That is why, there are numerous types of boxes that you can choose from. One of the most exciting ones are Tray and Sleeve Boxes.


Advantages of tray and sleeve design


There are a number of advantages of using a tray and sleeve design. Some of those advantages are as mentioned below.


As gift boxes


One of the biggest advantages of using this type is that it stays with the customer for a long time. They are produced in such a way that they are quite sturdy and last longer. That is why, whenever the customer sees them, they will praise your brand, which is quite beneficial for you. Not only that, number of companies use them as gift packaging for giving out souvenirs on various conferences and seminars.


For product display


Due to the availability of a number of techniques and the technology available, you can fix this design with a window that is made up of transparent film. This makes them quite suitable for displaying your products. A number of people prefer seeing the product before buying it. Therefore, if the carton has a display window through which the customer can take a peek on the contents, then it is an added advantage for the manufacturers.


A number of materials can be used


There are a number of materials that you can use for the manufacturing of this type of cartons. You can use cardboard or kraft. If you are going for an organic look for your products, then you can use Kraft stock, but if you are going for a more stylish look, then you can use cardboard as well.


For brand promotion


One of the biggest advantages of these sturdy cartons is that you can carry out effective brand promotion with this style. In this day and age, you simply cannot rely on traditional marketing techniques. As explained above, retailer’s shelves are filled with different products from different vendors. Therefore, if you just rely on print on electronic media marketing, then you are going to get thrown out of the competition. So in order to attract the customer’s towards your products, your box needs to carry out your promotion in the market as well. With the help of different printing and designing techniques, you can print your brand logo on the Display Packaging. Not only that, the sliding sleeve style will also help in attracting customers as well. Apart from simple brand promotion, you get a lot of space on either side. Therefore, you can print a variety of information regarding the uses of your product, the ingredients it has or any other type of message that you want to convey to your customers.




Another great advantage of using this design is that the dual layers provide quite a good protection to the contents inside. The boxes become very sturdy and are able to withstand a lot of pressure and impacts. This makes them very suitable for the packaging of fragile products which are made up of glass or crystal. In addition to that, you can increase the amount of protection with the help of inserts, thermophore, bubble wrap or husk. This property is also very suitable if you are going to ship them over a large distance. Due to the sturdiness of the cartons, they can be placed over one another and require less space. This also helps in decreasing the shipping costs and protects the products on the way as well.




Due to the choice of materials, there are also numerous finishing options as well. There are numerous options for coating of any type of material, with whatever you want. You can have embossed printing, glossy finishing or laminated finishing as well. Due to the variety of finishing options, it can also be used for a number of different products as well. For example, they can be used as card holders, shampoo bottle holders or even as Soap Boxes.