Maundy Thursday Solidarity Blessing
Publisher: michaelsalamone
Date: 2018-03-29T11:46:08-04:00

By Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday) the carpenter was a wanted enemy of the State. He'd served meals to near 10,000 hungry strangers, knew he was about to be executed, and wanted to eat and drink with friends for Passover before that final sacrifice. Passover is a holiday celebrating God liberating the Jews from slavery. In a sign of servitude to them, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples/friends at that last supper. I like to think, as with many of his other teachings, he was reminding them of free will. God can not dictate free or slave, only corrupt men and governments can. They called Jesus the son of God, but he washed their feet as a servant would. He raised a glass and joked they were drinking his blood, as he was about to die for his teachings of love, charity and tolerance. No matter your beliefs, today is a good day to remind your friends you love them, that you have their backs, and to raise a glass with them, because life is short. It's a good day to think about your own life too. Be confident in your calling if you feel your calling is just. Be willing to get hurt to show love to others, because ultimately it's worth it. Be good to others to feel good about yourself. You don't have to believe a carpenter was God to live/love in service as he did.