MediaRevolt EDU
Publisher: mediarevolt
Date: 2018-10-19T16:32:13-04:00

The other day we announced we have added a way for people to share courses or premium content on MediaRevolt. We're calling this new feature MediaRevolt EDU. When we started MediaRevolt, Rev. Salamone envisioned a portion of the site where organizers could educate each other, where users could share knowlege with each other, and where content creators could monetize videos to share with their subscribers. As we finish development of the site, we're glad to announce this part of the vision has been achieved.

How does it work? Any MediaRevolt member can offer a course. It can be text based, offer videos, and be as creative as you like. You can add quizes and make it as interactive as you like. Supporting MediaRevolt members can monetize their classes, or use the EDU structure to monetize videos or other content as creatively as they like. Any MediaRevolt member can take courses and buy premium content.

While there aren't any courses yet, we expect that after midterm elections, we will see some wonderful, knowlegable instructors working with this part of our platform. And while midterms are priorities to a lot of folks in movement spaces right now, we didn't want to wait to offer this service to all of our members, as some of you might have revolutionary information to begin sharing before election day.

Our goal is to be a safe space and offer tools for members to organize, share information and further a revolutionary spirit. As the Rev. always says, Resistance is Friction. Revolution is Action. Don't just Resist. REVOLT. Use MediaRevolt EDU to share with others on how to start their own Indie Media outfit, or how to perform a direct action, how to organize a phone bank, or whatever you have in your wheelhouse to share. We're all in this together, and together, we can make change.