MediaRevolt is disconnecting from Facebook, Twitter & Google
Publisher: mediarevolt
Date: 2018-10-13T09:57:55-04:00

Thanks for being a part of the MediaRevolt community.

As we move forward towards new apps and a new MediaRevolt experience, we will be moving away from using Facebook, Twitter or Google log ons for our members.

You may have seen headlines about how Facebook didn't keep user accounts safe last week. To uphold our priorities of privacy, safety and not allowing these big companies to track you, we will be disengaging from social log ons with these companies in the next phase of MediaRevolt development.

If you set up your MediaRevolt account using a Facebook, Twitter or Google log on, you will need to go into MediaRevolt via web browser, from the right hand menu in the top corner choose account settings, and change to an email address that is not associated with Facebook or Twitter, and update your account appropriately.  Reminder, nobody at MediaRevolt can access this information for you, but we do have a 2-factor security for you to access your account should you lose your log on information, if you provide a phone number to send text messages to. Feel free to use the "contact us" link if you need any support, but know that for your privacy, MediaRevolt's access to your accounts is quite limited by design.

We will keep the ability to cross post your MediaRevolt content to the other social networks, but would like to remind you that we have no control over these site's tracking activities, and that they are indeed tracking you. As always, we suggest disconnecting from Facebook and Google entirely if you are able.

There are a lot of big things in store as MediaRevolt moves into the final stage of development in these next months, with new apps, including iOs, now finally right around the corner. We hope you'll take the time to secure your account and use MediaRevolt as the safe space it is intended to be.

Please make any necessary changes to your account to disassociate from Facebook, Twitter and Google immediately to avoid losing access to your MediaRevolt account.

Best regards,

the volunteers at