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A rambling mess of a sermon for Zombie Jesus Day
Publisher: Michael Salamone on Apr 1 , 18 08:30 AM

Welp. Here we are. It's Easter. Or whatever fertility ...

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Maundy Thursday Solidarity Blessing
Publisher: Michael Salamone on Mar 29 , 18 11:46 AM

By Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday) the carpenter was a wanted enemy of the State. He'd ser...

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Palm Sunday Was Kinda Punk Rock
Publisher: Michael Salamone on Mar 25 , 18 11:06 AM

Before I start with what will be an extended Weekly Sunday Sermon for the internet in ...

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Dear News Media: No Really, "Pro-Assad" is Not A Thing
Publisher: Jessica Perry on Mar 10 , 18 06:11 PM

You guys, I think I need to stop paying attention to the news. It's driving me completely batty. You see, I've discovered a minor problem that makes the whole thing a little harder to digest than it should: I can remember major news sto...

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Gun Violence Insomnia Blues
Publisher: Michael Salamone on Feb 15 , 18 07:29 AM

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Lent Is For Lovers: V-Day & Beyond
Publisher: Michael Salamone on Feb 13 , 18 10:00 PM

  This year, Valentine's Day is also the beginning of the Christian season of ...

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Dr. Richard Wolff Coop Lecture In DC
Publisher: Rhys Baker on Feb 8 , 18 04:47 PM

On Wednesday, Jan. 31 the DC chapter of ‘Democracy At Work’ (D@W) will host a free...

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DC’s ‘Rising Organizers’ Train 1000+ New Leaders
Publisher: Rhys Baker on Feb 8 , 18 04:37 PM

The organization Rising Organizers has trained over 1,000 Trump-traumatized Americans to organ...

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New Poor People's Campaign Ignored By Speaker Paul Ryan
Publisher: Rhys Baker on Feb 5 , 18 07:11 PM

A coalition of clergy and social justice organizers for the ne...

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Totally Spoilerific Stranger Things 2 Commentary
Publisher: Michael Salamone on Oct 27 , 17 07:43 AM

  If I were as much of an asshole as people say I am, I would have tweeted the fol...

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