was born out of the 2016 US Presidential primaries. Artist Michael Salamone found himself building web tools, donating art and music and brainstorming with artists, activists, journalists and content creators about how to keep a movement growing into 2017.  At the center of a lot of those conversations was a call to action for community, and a safe web-space without censorship, algorithms hiding posts, and the prying eyes of big brother.

Slowly a team came together and we began trying to merge many of the web tools Michael had been working with for others into an algorithm free social platform, which also currated independent journalism and allowed for private messaging. We are a completely volunteer, ad-free, tracking-free, web service that launched on July 4, 2017. We're still figuring some stuff out and getting all of our ducks in a row, but figured we had enough done on the project that people should be able to start using it.

Michael's goal for MediaRevolt is to see it further promote independent artists, journalists, activists and content creators by becoming a non-profit organization. After app-development we will start looking at what our organization should look like and going down that road. Until then, Michael and other volunteers will keep wind in the sails to see what this thing can become.

On, nobody at MediaRevolt can see your private messages, stuff you mark for only you to see, your activity logs, or anything the big social networks use to market you. We don't do targeted advertising, and if law enforcement ever wants to see your data, all we can do is show them that we can't see your data.

If you'd like to pitch in, contact us, or use the shop & donate link. This thing will only become a thing if we make it a thing. Until then, please feel free to publish stuff, share stuff, do whatever you see fit in this safe space, and we'll keep trying to make it better and safer. Cheers.