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2018-12-04T18:26:22-05:00 ·
Gone Too Far This morning I saw where the #metoo movement is trying to get certain Christmas songs kicked off of the air of radios.

Unfortunately, some stations are giving in to this insanity. Songs like Baby It's Cold Outside and Let It Snow are classics. You know they are coming after White Christmas because it implies racial supremacy. This whole political correctness has gone too far.

I have never been one to be PC. I don't care about it and I never will. I remember when the Political Correctness started. Under the Clintons of course. I thought it was communist hogwash then, twenty years later nothing has changed.

If we start rewriting songs, where will it end? Movies, classic literature? How about poetry? This is bs and we all know it. We're talking about songs that are over fif...
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