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2020-05-21T15:34:51-04:00 ·
Believe Her but not Her We have a lot to look at so let’s go with Tara Reade and Maria Farmer. I haven’t spent much time on their situations here because I feel like Whitney Webb at The Last American did a great job with her interview with Maria Farmer. So we are supposed to believe Maria Farmer about Trump according to the D side of the scam and according to the R side we are supposed to disregard Maria and believe Tara. What happened to the #metoo movement where we were supposed to believe the victim? I do believe the victims. Both of them.

Now let’s look at the PPE (personal protection equipment). I came across an article on RT about a doctor who opened a box of masked that had already expired in 2017 but was remarked for 2022. What is wrong with this picture, besides...
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