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2020-09-15T16:39:25-04:00 ·
SHTF and Homesteading Library Essential Books

These are just some books I recommend for your SHTF and Homesteading Library. Keep in mind these are books if you are going to get you had better do it NOW! I currently don’t have the ability to homestead.
*You don’t have to get the exact books I choose. But consider getting the subject matter.*

Homesteading Book
The one I choose is Back To Basics by Reader’s Digest. This book has everything you need to know to start rebuilding your life and possibly a homestead. From choosing land (you might want to do this now while you can) to butchering, gardening, and even recipes from across the nation. I don’t remember how much it cost but I do remember I got it from Amazon.

For this, I got The Official U.S. Army Survival Guide. Okay for those of...
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