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2020-09-27T16:45:06-04:00 ·
Food Shortages and How England is Managing It
Shortages are limited choices. Famines are nothing available.
Tomorrow we start getting Antonia’s stuff for her to do virtual school. So let’s talk about the Pandemic EBSNAP relief funds right quick. Donald Trump has actually done something that will actually help the average family. He renewed the Family First Act which gave families with SNAP/EBT cards extra funds. That is going to help the 34 million people with kids who are now out of work with no possibility of returning to that job ever again.

With all the chaos I came across an article on the Amish canning tradition. Yeah! We have been hearing nothing but negative articles about the Amish. Now here is an article about their tradition on canning and how they pass the knowledge on for fre...
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