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2020-09-29T07:49:43-04:00 ·
Preparedness Recap

Can you believe there are only two days left to this month? It blows me away at how quick this year is passing by. Today we are going to review the preparedness steps I have shared along with sharing the Preparedness videos that have been done every day from folks with more experience and knowledge then I have shared.

Week 1: We looked at building a binder that would contain all your critical information in one spot.

Week 2: Pantry Staples. Know what your family eats and only buy those items. When you can buy a couple of extra things and put them back for later. We have a multi-cultural pantry. My daughter is part Mexican and there are things she has grown up eating that we keep on hand. Rice and Beans with chicken.

Week 3: SHTF library. Having a variety of books for lo...
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