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2020-09-30T13:18:35-04:00 ·
Kroger shortages Yes. We went to Kroger today to pick up a few things and I decided to get clips. I am glad I did. There are some people who aren’t aware there is a shortage. Here’s what to look for; limit on items on the shelf or there is facing down so you can’t see behind the first few items. This way people who are rushing through the store won’t even look twice. They are too busy trying to go day to day. Then you have the three part-time jobs they work.

There was a new item: Peri-Peri Sauce. This is a simmering sauce for curries I believe. We don’t really care for Indian cuisine so I passed on it. Just wanted to share the information. Kroger had a great deal on seasonings so I stocked up and so did everyone else apparently because the dry rubs were gone. At least the more affordab...
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