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2020-09-30T16:07:46-04:00 ·
The Madness Continues By the end of this video, you will understand the title. Apparently, Congress and Senate are going to give us another stimulus payment of $1,200 again before the election. Okay, how is that supposed to help those who are already homeless? Those who have already lost everything from their job to their home are supposed to be grateful they can stay another month under the freeway. Don’t get me wrong, should I receive the $1,200, I will be glad. It’ll make Thanksgiving and Christmas a little bit easier. And as I said the last time, that will be $1,200 not being spent on bombs to kill innocent people across the world.

That brings me to Black Friday 2020. Wal-Mart is going to close on Thanksgiving and reopen Friday at six a.m.. They won’t be kicking off the shopping fre...
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