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October Grocery List and Meal Plan
(First shop my pantry)

4 Croissants
4 Biscuits
12 Canned mushrooms
1 Large bag Mozzarella and sharp shredded (4 uses)
2 bags each Chicken drumsticks (large & small drumstick)
4 bags mixed veggies for stir-fries and stew
1 bag Pearl onions
6 cream of chicken cans

October Meal Plan Ideas

8 Ani's Choice (twice a week)
2 Leftover per week (clean out the fridge)
1 Eat out
4 Pizza (deep dish, thin crust, calzone, stromboli)
King Author Deep Dish Pizza Crust from Pinterest
Thin Crust. The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion pg.247
Karrie Truman Pizza Crust in Seriously Good Freezer Meals pg. 332
2 New Items
Honey Lime Chicken from Seriously Good Freezer Meals by Karrie Truman
Pg. 143
Savory Crackers French Taste by Laura Caloder pg 45
Halloween Ghoulish Goulash Rachel R...
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