Tennessee gives Comcast $45 million to build Internet 1,000 times slower than what they already have

Chattanooga Tennessee has the fastest public-owned internet in the country. So Republicans in Tennessee decided to penalize them $45 million for it.

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People are suggesting new mottos for United Airlines and it's the best thing ever

More than a day after United Airlines had a passenger violently dragged off an overbooked flight, the internet is filled with #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos

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Trump wakes and promptly sends delirious tweet threatening North Korea

President Donald Trump rolled out of bed early on Tuesday morning and started the day by threatening North Korea on Twitter.

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Is Enbridge pipeline in Canada going to be the next Standing Rock?

Citizens of the First Nations believe that they may be left with no choice but to engage in acts of civil disobedience to shut down Enbridge pipeline

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After threatening North Korea, Trump abruptly leaves for vacation in Mar-a-Lago

Trump flew back to Florida for an extended Easter holiday weekend just hours after dropping the largest non-nuclear bomb in the history of the world.

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A watchdog group just told the FEC that it has evidence of illegal contributions from Trump Super PAC

The Campaign Legal Center (CLC) has actual evidence showing a pro-Trump super PAC made illegal contributions to President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign

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“He beat me like an animal” Muslim woman assaulted and slashed on her way home from prayer

A Muslim woman in Milwaukee was attacked as she walked home from prayer in what appears to be another anti-Islamic hate crime.

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FBI obtained warrant to covertly monitor former Trump campaign advisor

As the Trump administration keeps trying to distance itself from Russia, another connection to Russian influence has come to light.

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