How Trump Gutted OSHA and Workplace Safety Rules

Trump’s attack on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has left workers vulnerable to Covid-19.

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Will Colorado Bring Back Wolves? It’s Up to Voters

A wolf chases magpies and ravens from an elk carcass in Yellowstone National Park. Jim Peaco / NPS, CC by 4.0

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Women’s Rights, No Strings Attached

Roe v. Wade allows women to have abortions without undue government restrictions. Trump’s SCOTUS picks may change that. 

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Jonny Greenwood Picks the Paul Thomas Anderson Score He Loves Most — ‘Masterworks’ Exclusive

Read an exclusive excerpt of Jonny Greenwood's new interview as featured in Adam Nayman's "Paul Thomas Anderson: Masterworks."

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‘The Sounding’ Review: Catherine Eaton’s Directorial Debut Is an Indie Gem That Finds Its Voice

In this festival favorite finally on VOD, Eaton wrote, directed, and stars as a woman who chose to shun communication but has plenty to say.

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14-Year-Old Girl Wins $25,000 for Work on Possible COVID Cure

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Sir David Attenborough look at a piece of ice core from the Antarctic during a naming ceremony for the polar research ship the...

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Part Five: Courting Corporate Theocracy

With Trump in power, the GOP is transforming the federal judiciary into a right-wing cult that will wield influence over the lives of millions.

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Links 10/20/2020 | naked capitalism

Our popular daily Links, including Stoller, Pakistan, farmers, sharks, tyrannosaur embryo, asteroids, Fed, vaccine, Hong Kong, Craig Murray, Bolivia, Belarus, Nagorno-Karanakh, France, UK, Vietnam,...

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“Trumpcare” Does Not Exist. Nevertheless Facebook and Google Cash In on Misleading Ads for “Garbage” Health Insurance.

The thousands of “Trumpcare” ads Facebook and Google have published show that the shadowy “lead generation” economy has a happy home on the platforms — and even big names like UnitedHealthcare take...

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Baseball’s Race Problem

More than half a century after they reenergized the sport, Black Americans may not need baseball. But baseball needs more Black players—and fans.

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Trump Is Butchering Our Regulatory Infrastructure

Recent rules changes lock into place weaker environmental, workplace safety, and labor standards, and escalate the assault on legal immigration.

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Why Are People Watching Less Sports? 

Sportswriter Jane McManus joins the show to talk about a new survey on sports viewership 

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