Daily Show for March 20, 2020

A daily independent global news hour with Amy Goodman & Juan González. Doctor: As Coronavirus Cases Spike Worldwide, We Need Global Cooperation to Halt Spread; Solidarity Not Charity: Mutual Aid & ...

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It’s Not “Ecofascism”—It’s Liberalism ❧ Current Affairs

On the newfangled term “ecofascism,” and how it lets plain old racist liberals off the hook.

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Who Needs Premieres? Amazon Boosts Hard-Hit Caterers With ‘Blow the Man Down’ Home Delivery

An Amazon Original gets creative with marketing and provides much-needed work for the food and wine industry in a time of social distancing.

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Athlete Activists Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Using their fame to enlighten, raise awareness, and shame their bosses, here are some athletes who have made a difference.

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The 2019-2020 Emmy Awards Calendar Reshaped by TV Academy

The show must go on (for now) and here are the important dates of this year's Emmy calendar.

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As Film at Lincoln Center and More Lay Off Staff, Film Non-Profits Put Competition Aside

Film organizations across the country are facing unprecedented losses, but have begun supporting each other in a whole new way.

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How Corporate Media ‘Factchecked’ Biden’s Calls for Social Security Cuts Into Oblivion

Corporate media worked overtime to nullify one of the Sanders campaign’s strongest arguments.

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Debt Collection Industry Deems Itself Essential Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Lobbyists argue that debt collection must not be suspended during the pandemic, citing an “ethnically diverse” and women-majority workforce.

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Let Other Studios Race to VOD; Sony Pictures Classics Believes It’s Theaters Or Nothing

However, Tom Bernard says if theaters are going to compete against streaming, they need to do a much better job of reaching patrons online.

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Debt Collection Industry Deems Itself Essential to “Financial Health” of Consumers, Fights Covid-19 Shutdown

Lobbyists for debt collectors argue they need to be allowed to continue calling during the pandemic, citing an “ethnically diverse” that is 70 percent women 

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Few in Congress Care About the Struggle to Pay Rent

Amid record high unemployment, most congressional Democrats have shown no interest in addressing many people’s inability to make major bill payments.

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