The Growth of America’s Militarized Law Enforcement System, a Product of a War Economy

The proliferation of military weapons and gear corresponds to that of para-militarized law enforcement officers.

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Gaius Publius: Notes on Seymour Hersh’s Book “Reporter”

Seyrmour Hersh's retrospective demonstrates how much nerve it takes to do reporting, and how few reporters have it.

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Japan Halts Evacuation Drills Related to Potential North Korean Missile Attacks

Citing the recent Trump-Kim summit, Japan has announced that they are halting evacuation drills for potential North Korean missile attacks.

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Pentagon Accepts Trump's Call to House 20,000 Children on US Military Bases

The Defense Department has also announced it will deploy military lawyers to the southern border to prosecute immigrants.

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Trump Has Made a Complete Mess of Immigrants' Lives — And His Administration Has No Idea How to Fix It

No one seems to have any idea what they're supposed to be doing. More than 2,300 immigrant kids have been taken from their parents and scattered across the country by the federal government, and&he...

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For a 6-Year-Old Snared in the Immigration Maze, a…

As the U.S. attempts to reunite migrant families, children will bear the burden of helping to identify who and where their parents are. The 6-year-old girl heard asking to call her aunt on an audio...

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'If People Are Offended, Then They Shouldn't Be': Corey Lewandowski Refuses to Apologize for Mocking Girl with Down Syndrome

He made light of a young girl's plight after she was ripped away from her mother. CNN's Chris Cuomo on Thursday gave President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski a chance to&h...

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'There Is No Immigration Crisis': Paul Krugman Draws Devastating Parallel Between Trump's Anti-Immigrant Bigotry and Anti-Semitism

"They’re just sick fantasies being used to justify real atrocities." New York Times columnist Paul Krugman argued Thursday evening that President Donald Trump's rhetoric and policies toward immigra...

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RuPaul's Outburst on the 'Drag Race' Reunion Is the Most Powerful Moment of Season 10

RuPaul got his Tyra Banks moment when he shared some choice words for The Vixen, a contestant who walked off the set.

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'Roseanne' Lives: ABC Orders 10 Episodes of 'The Conners' Spinoff With All The Cast — Except Roseanne — Returning

Executive producer Tom Werner has struck a deal to continue the show without Roseanne Barr, who will not have a creative or financial stake in the spin-off.

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'This Twisted Relationship with Her Father': Reporter Explains Why Ivanka Trump Stays Silent on the President's Horrifying Policies

"There's no instance where she's actually been an effective advocate in the White House." Reporter Emily Jane Fox explained on MSNBC Thursday why, despite her stance as an advocate for families and...

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