Winter Is Coming, and Fuel Costs Hit the Poor Hardest

Cold kills, while programs to help with heating costs don't do enough.

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Trump and the Midterms: Is It Not The Economy, Stupid?

What role did the state of the economy likely play in the midterm results?

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Brexit: A State Change Nigh?

If May does not get her vaunted Brexit breakthrough this Wednesday, the UK will have to start passing "no deal" emergency legislation and laying out funds for preparation. Expect the dial to go to ...

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Links 11/13/18

Our popular links: deadly solar storms, cellphone study press miss, Israel to get off gas, plastic opposition rising, US muscles China, Brexit, US and UK still v. Yemen, Mueller's Manafort…

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Boeing, Crapification, and the Lion Air Crash

Boeing looks culpable for the Lion Air crash that killed 189 people.

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Australia’s New Grain Deliveries Plunge Due to Drought

Another sign of climate change induced stress, this one from Australia.

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Jackpot? A Round-Up of This Season’s California Wildfires (So Far)

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Last week, there were three (major) California wildfires in the news: The Hill Fire, which destroyed the town of Paradise in Northern California, and the Camp and&h...

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2:00PM Water Cooler 11/12/2018

Today's Water Cooler: Open thread.

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Links 11/12/18

Our popular daily links, including trumpeter swans, Monarch butterflies, Permian drillers, LNG, Amazon, Aetna, Wells Fargo, May and Brexit, Yemen, Khashoggi, India shadow banks, China's health care...

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Stationary Bandits, State capacity, and the Malthusian Transition: The Lasting Impact of the Taiping Rebellion

Lambert here: Makes our own Civil War look like a blip. However, at least some of the conclusions seem to be borne out for our Civil War, too: Increase in state capacity, for example. By Lixin Coli...

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