No, China Didn’t ‘Stall’ Critical Covid Information at Outbreak’s Start

US media dutifully follow US government directives to propagate the myth of Chinese “coverups” and “delays” by retroactively projecting current knowledge of Covid-19 onto China during the initial p...

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‘It’s a Very Determined Power Play to Pack Our Court’

"The media often talk about these things in a very abstract way, and do not talk about the real-world consequences for ordinary people, and there are very huge real-world consequences for ordinary ...

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Media Owned by Wealthy Are Quick to Tell You Wealth Taxes Are a Bad Idea

Corporate media—whose owners are overwhelmingly from the class that would be paying a wealth tax—are returning to throw cold water on the idea.

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Kathleen Kearney Naureckas (1936–2020)

Today would be the 84th birthday of my mother, Kathleen Kearney Naureckas, who died at her apartment in Oak Park, Illinois, on September 30, 2020.

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‘There Is a Different Set of Rules for Someone Like Donald Trump’

"You can't say that Donald Trump is just doing whatever the law allows; Donald Trump was part of why this is in the law."

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Press Worries About a Fracking Ban’s ‘Risk’ to Democrats—Not Fracking’s Threat to Planet

  In last week’s vice presidential debate between Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence, Harris reiterated Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s rejection of a fracking ban, despite her earlier...

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‘All 50 States Bar Private, Unauthorized Paramilitary Activity’

"It's not to anyone's benefit to intimidate voters. It's not to anyone's benefit to have armed, non-publicly accountable individuals, private armies, on the streets."

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Lisa Graves on the Story Behind Amy Coney Barrett

Understanding how we got to this place requires looking behind the curtain of the "partisan tug of war" narrative corporate media present every day, to see how a powerful minority in this country m...

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‘Persecuting Assange Is a Real Blow to Reporting and Human Rights Advocacy’

"Julian Assange is accused of publishing information about war crimes, about human rights abuses and about abuses of power, that have been tremendously important, not just for the public's right to...

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Democracy Dies in the Light

As the 2020 election nears, Trump's tolerance for democratic checks on his power has eroded dramatically, and he has openly  pressured his cabinet members to use the levers of state power to target...

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