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Episode 655| A Farewell to Ignorance

Enough is enough. Time to move on from hoping to talk sense into a group that doesn't want any. Long story short, we've got to work. We've got to organize more. We've got to get into position to&he...

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Episode 656 | Republicans are LITERAL Neoliberals

For some of you, this will be like "Duh." But I'm discovering more and more how many people don't understand that Neoliberalism is a specific set of economic policies that are most promoted -- and&...

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Episode 162: Ruthless Republicans

In this episode of The Humanist Report we’ll discuss the major news surrounding the ongoing fight to save net neutrality; that includes the Justice Department’s lawsuit against California’s net neutra

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SiriusXM Host Danielle Moodie-Mills On Kavanaugh & Endless White Rage, #BlackFridays and 53K Pending Voters in Georgia - Anoa Changa, Esq.

First up, Anoa chats with Sirius XM host Danielle Moodie-Mills about Brett Kavanaugh’s rage and temperament during the confirmation process and the way white male rage is excused and coddled. See&h...

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Unauthorized Disclosure

For this week's episode, Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola discuss recent attacks on Max Blumenthal and his journalism on Nicaragua. They became especially vicious in the past couple weeks, as The&he...

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Episode 660 | Part 6 | Solutions for Progressive Independent Spaces - with @TheWayWithAnoa

The finale. Part Six. Anoa made a statement in here that brings it all together. It is our mandate. Not only for media but also for those of you who are trying to find your way through being…

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Episode 662 | The 2020 Court Packing Litmus Test | Why YOU Need to Run for Office

There is no progressive future without fixing the damage on the Supreme Court. In 2018 it is critical Democrats get majorities in the Senate (except Manchin, he can eat a ****). But in 2020, it is&...

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Episode 653 | Part 4

I delayed part four so I could include voices of women. Even though I pointed out the male-dominated space, I would have been perpetuating the problem by not including the voices of women. Once aga...

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Episode 654 | Kavanaugh Wielding Power Over Women's Bodies | Grandstanding Over Gillum

We're seeing the worst in the treatment of women revived to help elevate Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court so that Bret Kavanaugh can enforce his will on the bodies of women by repealing Roe-v-Wade ju...

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Episode 659 | Problems in Progressive Political and Media Spaces with @TheWayWithAnoa

Finally, the two-part conclusion to our six-part series! Part six is available now to Patrons only and will be made available to everyone else next week. Thanks to everyone who participated in this...

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