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Episode 3: Moving Ever So Closer To Doomsday

Hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola pay tribute to investigative journalist Robert Parry, who founded Consortium News and died recently. They also address President Donald Trump's plans to develo...

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#WakandaForever - Colonialism and Themes of Black Panther - Your 99% Spoiler Free Review

Black Panther was amazing. But it made me sad in a lot of ways. Rebecca Azor joins me to review the movie. We cover the themes of the movie in great detail with only 1 very minor spoiler. Your 99%&...

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Episode 130: Trump is Playing Americans

In this edition of The Humanist Report podcast, we shine a spotlight on the games Trump is playing on Americans. After a relentless corporate PR campaign, Americans are being told that one-time $1,000

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