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Gaza Needs International Intervention Now to Prevent Another Israeli Military Offensive

At the time of writing, at least three Palestinian civilians have been killed by new Israeli airstrikes and artillery bombardment.

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Finding Our Roots

Adoptees deserve to know their origins.

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Saudi Crown Prince "Tried to Persuade Netanyahu to Go to War in Gaza": Report

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman tried to persuade Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to start a conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

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Here Comes the Farm Bill

The Democratic midterm take-over of the House means a renewed chance for policies that don’t take food assistance away from children or drive more birds toward extinction.

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Daily Show for November 05, 2018

A daily independent global news hour with Amy Goodman & Juan González. “He Set Out to Kill Women”: Self-Proclaimed Misogynist Murders 2 Women at Florida Yoga Studio; Noam Chomsky on Midterms:…

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Trump Urged to Put Nation Before Family Profits

Given the international scope of the Trump Organization’s operations, a newly sworn-in President Trump will likely run afoul of several anti-corruption protections from Day One.

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Pruitt Emails Reveal Communications with ALEC and Koch Groups

Emails reveal close ties between former Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt, ALEC and the Kochs' Americans for Prosperity Group.

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ALEC\'s Corporate Sponsors Top Nation\'s Lawbreaker List

Fourteen of the pay-to-play group\'s biggest corporate funders are among the 100 worst federal violators since 2000.

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Coal Lobbyist Hosted Fundraisers for Senators Evaluating His Nomination for Top EPA Post

Andrew Wheeler, a coal lobbyist, is the nominee for deputy administrator at the EPA. His confirmation vote is expected on Wednesday.

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Democrats Reintroduce DISCLOSE Act to Combat Dark Money "Poison"

Democrats unveil the 2018 DISCLOSE Act, a bill targeting dark money in politics.

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Heavy-Handed Industry Maneuver to Crush Soda and Grocery Taxes Is on Oregon Ballot

As public health advocates push for soda taxes to battle obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, the soda industry and its allies are playing hardball.

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Why Keith Ellison and Jeremy Corbyn Think We Should Cap CEO Pay

Does it make sense for a boss to earn more than 200 times what a worker does? The case for a maximum wage.

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