New York Will Finally Enforce Its Plastic Bag Ban

A man carries a plastic shopping plastic bag as he walks along Times Square in New York City on April 2, 2019. Eduardo MunozAlvarez / VIEWpress / Corbis via Getty Images

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Part Four: “You Think Our Country’s So Innocent?”

On war policy, Trump has proven less murderous than George W. Bush and more of a war criminal then Jimmy Carter. So far.

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Links 10/19/2020 | naked capitalism

Our popular daily Links, including La Nina, Pakistan & FATF, Diwali, Lindsey Graham, indoor sex ban, The Social Weapon, Caitlin Johnstone, Apple, Trump legal woes, Biden and ontelligence community,...

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New Bill Aims to End Racial Disparities in Amputations

Informed by a ProPublica article investigating why Black Americans were three times more likely to undergo diabetic amputations, five members of congress are working to fund screening and enhance d...

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WHO is Right: Lockdowns Should Be Short and Sharp. Here Are 4 Other Essential COVID-19 Strategies | naked capitalism

As cases of COVID-19 spike yet again in the US and Europe, what public health measures have successfully stemmed the pandemic’s spread?

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How Did We Get Here?

Three new books by prominent liberal intellectuals—Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson’s Let Them Eat Tweets, Robert B. Reich’s The System, and Robert P. Saldin and Steven M. Teles’s Never Trump—give ...

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How Did American Cities Become So Unequal?

A new history of Ed Logue and his vision of urban renewal documents the broken promises of midcentury liberalism.

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Can Jamie Harrison Really Beat Lindsey Graham?

It won’t be easy—despite some polls showing the race in a dead heat and Harrison raising money hand over fist.

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Progressives Won’t Wait for Biden to Set the Course

If Biden plans to fulfill his campaign trail promise that he’ll be the “most progressive president since FDR,” he’ll have to help lead the push for progressive policies.

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The Pandemic Has the Potential to Finally Transform Meat Processing in the U.S. | Civil Eats

Some states are addressing the bottleneck in the industry by allowing state inspectors to approve direct-to-consumer and interstate sales. And new federal legislation could make those efforts possi...

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The biggest fight over cap and trade isn't about what you think it is

Did California's landmark legislation help or hurt the state's most vulnerable?

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