Epstein: Patriarchal or Oligarchical Problem
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When looking up these two words I came across a familiar photo under oligarchical. It's the pyramid that we have all ...

Epistles of Enoch ch 1
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This starts the end of the book of Enoch. Finally, I had no idea how long and drawn out it was when I started it two ...

Guide to Treat Each Other
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Psalms 15: This is a guide to treat neighbors as you want to be treated. Lend money with the knowledge you will get t...

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Canning Tool: This is an app you will love. It gives you a checklist to work from once you choose your product which ...

The 4th of July
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I have given a long hard thought about what the 4th of July means to us as a nation. The constitution wasn't actually...

Amelia Power del Valle
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Amelia went missing in New York where she is from. A miracle happened in that she was found alive.

Personal Update and Response to 50 Shades of Mom
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I am going to take a week off from posting videos to deal with some things. Also, I will be figuring out my new cam a...

Enoch Chapter 4
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There were only four verses that stood out to me. I reviewed them here and discussed how they relate to our current s...

All American 921 Pressure Canner: How I Clean, Prep, Can and Store My Canner~The Kneady Homesteader
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I made this video with new canners in mind....whether you are all new to pressure canning in general OR new to using ...

Remembering Chernobyl
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It has been some years since I have thought about this. Recently HBO did a series on it. Now y'all know we don't have...