Technocracy Rising
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This looks to be an excellent book. I am reviewing basic parts of Chapter 1.

Canning Project
1 Views - 2019-09-04T14:54:12-04:00 By AnarchyLand72

Here is a super mega canning project. It took three days to complete. No joke y'all. Here is a list of the recipes ...

Andrea Mills and 1 Cor 13 4 8
1 Views - 2019-08-20T11:43:11-04:00 By AnarchyLand72

As I think about Andrea Mills I think about the scripture above about love. How enduring it is and patient it is.

Canning Projects
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Loaves and Fish
1 Views - 2019-08-02T12:45:24-04:00 By AnarchyLand72

This is something I have been thinking about for the last couple of days.

How I would spend the $1.5 trillion
1 Views - 2019-07-31T14:42:58-04:00 By AnarchyLand72

I am discussing how I would utilize the $1.5 trillion the Pentagon received to go and murder people who did nothing t...

Channel Update
1 Views - 2019-07-25T14:41:21-04:00 By AnarchyLand72

I am just doing an update on both channels Anarchy Land and Scratch Kitchen.

Walnut Pie
1 Views - 2019-07-24T16:03:38-04:00 By AnarchyLand72

If you see this and you make content for YouTube please feel free to leave a tip on timing these sequences so I get t...

Missing Child Monday
1 Views - 2019-07-22T16:41:48-04:00 By AnarchyLand72

Today I am sharing a resource I use often. It's called

Welcome New Subscribers
1 Views - 2019-07-21T16:44:45-04:00 By AnarchyLand72

In this video, I wanted to highlight the objectives I have for this channel. Or at least that was my plan. We all kno...