Enoch Chapter 4
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There were only four verses that stood out to me. I reviewed them here and discussed how they relate to our current s...

All American 921 Pressure Canner: How I Clean, Prep, Can and Store My Canner~The Kneady Homesteader
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I made this video with new canners in mind....whether you are all new to pressure canning in general OR new to using ...

Remembering Chernobyl
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It has been some years since I have thought about this. Recently HBO did a series on it. Now y'all know we don't have...

Enoch Chapter 4
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This is the last chapter in the Book of Noah. It entails the judgment for the fallen angels by name.

Relisha Rudd
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Relisha went missing 2014 out of Washington DC. Giving the quality of people working and living in the DC area I thin...

Sunday Headlines
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The links for the stories which I covered will be below. So, please feel free read them and give your thoughts. Clas...

Amazon Affiliate Warning
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I recently used Amazon affiliate Second Spin to order a disk set for my daughter. What I got was a movie from the ser...

Bolton, "almost certain" Iran Sabotaged Oil Ship
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I am examining the "almost certain" dialogue here. It is Edward Bernays' template to get citizens on board with war.

Watch This Before You Join The Military
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In this video, I got real about living with a Veteran. It's not easy. There is a lot going on in their head. Sometime...

Being Hated in the name of Christ
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Know More News The Christain Zionist Deception w/ Pastor Chuck (Charles) Baldwin