Menu for 10/13 to 10/19
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This week's menu will be simple. Menu for 10/13 to 10/19 Monday Pierogies And veggies Tuesday Ugly Chicken Cassero...

Menu for 107 to 1012
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Here is this week's menu and items I plan on recording to share with y'all. Monday Kielbasa and Pierogies Tuesday ...

VR to Last American Vagabond
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We All "Misunderstood:" The US Government Is Fighting A Religious War For Israel In The Middle East https://www.yout...

Trump Impeachment and Civil War
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Okay! I did this video on Thursday and I haven't been able to upload it until today. I am still not sure why my wire...

Menu 9/30 to 10/05
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Menu 9/30 to 10/05 Our menu for this week is going to be easy. I am still recovering from a cold and I appreciate y'...

Deluce Alavez
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Here is the link to her poster:

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I just made it and it's cooling on the stovetop. It's divine. I love it, but I don't make it often. Maybe twice a ye...

Cold Coffee
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Here is how I make cold coffee. This is a simple and delicious recipe. I prefer it over the commerical version. 4-...

Technocracy Rising
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This looks to be an excellent book. I am reviewing basic parts of Chapter 1.

Canning Project
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Here is a super mega canning project. It took three days to complete. No joke y'all. Here is a list of the recipes ...