Enoch Chapter 1 Parables
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I could only read this one chapter this week now with a cold hitting me.

MCM: Melanie Lopez
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Here is the link to her poster: And as usual, if you know a...

Current Events
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Here are the links for today's video: President Maduro Mocks US Special Envoy Abrams as 'Vice-King' of Venezuela h...

Wars and Rumors of Wars
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This devotional is based on the book of Revelation. Also, I reviewed a really cool app called King James Bible. You c...

My Theory on Notre Dame and Al Asqe Mosque Burning
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This is my theory only. I am basing it on one the timing, and two the history between Christians, Jews, and Muslim co...

MCM: Alora Benitez
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Sanders and Stalin
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Holy cow! Stalin has been dead for 66 years and he's more popular now than when he was alive. Here are the links fo...

Enoch Chapter 7
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This is the end of part one. Next week starts part 2 Parables.

Logan Paul and Crazy Weather
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Our Condolences to Logan Paul for the lost of Kong. I hope you will go to these links and look at the information. ...

~239~ Peak Corruption Revealed, Snowden Docs Hidden, Green Energy Cheaper Than Coal
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You can now watch the first 10 mins of Lee Camp’s new comedy special for FREE. Just go to an...