Book of Enoch Chapters 5 & 6
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Today's link. America 2050 Uninsured Farmers Face Existential Crisis...

True Sabbath
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In the Catechism of The Catholic Church pg 580 to 581, we see how the Pope at the time when Constine was emperor of C...

Enoch Chapters 3 & 4
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Here we get into why God flooded the earth and only saved Noah and his sons. As well as two of each animal.

Multi Berry Jam Time Part 1
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I ended up having to do this in a two-part video. Trust me it was an accident. I got six half-pint jars of jam. I ha...

Future of Golan Heights
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I have been observing the situation in the Golan Heights. Now I will be the first to admit I'm not an expert on it. I...

Book of Enoch
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This is the first two chapters and a link to Homesteading Tessie.

First 24
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The first 24 hours after a child goes missing is the most critical time. That can mean the difference between getting...

South Hama Syria and Golan Heights
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Breaking! New Chemical Weapons Attack Reported in Hama Syria
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You can support my work here. Thanks and God bless! For checks and money orders mail to: Don’t Speak News PO Box ...

Matthew chapter 7: Judgement
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Ever since this scandal broke about parents bribing and cheating their children way into colleges, I have thought a l...